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Simply Secure

InvincibleWallet is developing a web-based, BIP32 wallet. It’s next-generation. It’s hierarchical. It’s deterministic. And, it will fundamentally alter the security landscape for Bitcoin storage and transactions.

Don’t know your BIP32 from a cold storage hole in the ground? No need to worry. Here’s what makes InvincibleWallet different – in plain English:

Truly Private Passwords: We never store or see your private key passwords. Even if we got compromised, your coins would remain safe and sound.

No Intermediary Servers: Our system is part of the Bitcoin blockchain itself. We don’t put servers between you and the public ledger. Those servers can be hacked.

No Wallet Database Files: We don’t use these types of files. They’re easily corrupted and put your coins at risk. Just ask our competitors.

True Sub-wallet Structure: Our sub-wallets really are in a hierarchy below your Master Wallet. They each have their own password. You can even designate some sub-wallets to be Receive-Only. So, even if the bad guys got your wallet, they couldn’t spend your coins. But, they could put more coins in there for you.

Single Backup Protection: You can rebuild your entire wallet structure from a single backup that’s created when you sign up for your Master Wallet. This backup will continue to work in the future no matter how many sub-wallets you create! How’s that possible? Well, there’s about one-hundred pages of math that can explain it. But, we don’t want to bore you. We want to protect your Bitcoins.

Are you ready to make your Bitcoins secure?

For more information on our products and services, and for news about our upcoming launch, Stay Tuned!